Double Image Rollover using Pure CSS

Look Ma - No Javascript!

The code on this page was inspired by Eric Meyer's Pure CSS Popups 2 demonstration. Eric hid his popups using height:0 width:0, but noted that this method does not work in IE5x because it is unable to handle dynamically resizing images. However, when I tried using visibility:hidden (and visibility:visible on a:hover), IE5x began to co-operate.

Making the button rollover as well was relatively straightforward in Moz and Opera 7. IE6 is somewhat fussy about which rules it will accept - styling a:link did not work, and any background-x styles on a:hover will stop the popup.

In retrospect, I realise that it would have been a lot easier to use buttons with a pattern that could expand and contract according to the text size, as Al Sparber has done on his CSS Rollover Tutorial. Using a fixed height / width image for a button is much more complicated.

There is a serious conflict between the requirements of the Mac and Win versions of IE5. If IE5 Win sees any height or width on the a or a:hover it gets confused and won't popup the second image. The only thing I could make work was a combination of line-height and display:block.

Unfortunately IE5 Mac behaves rather strangely with these rules, so I ended up using padding and margins for the buttons on that browser, then re-setting the values to 0 for all the others to benefit IE5 Win. Read the comments in the source of this page for more detail of the hackery involved.

I've tested in: IE5 Win, IE 5.5 Win, IE6 Win, IE5 Mac, NN 6.2, Moz 1.1, and Opera 7.

It's reported to work in Safari, Camino, OmniWeb 4.5 beta, and Firebird.

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